zam zam

Producers of sporting and athletic goods are constantly striving to introduce their enhanced products to the market based on the latest technology. Zam Zam, an international company with a long standing experience in soft drink industry had decided to focus on an energy drink for a new target group of athletic, young and active people. Zibaloon was asked to provide a campaign for the introduction and launching of this new line of sport drinks.

The isotunic is an energy drink that restores the lost body minerals after a vigorous physical activity. We offered an outdoor campaign that could establish a fast and direct communication of the important qualities of this drink to its target group. The different colors signifying the variety of available flavors along with different sporting activities served as the core for visuals of this campaign. The single slogan “be a winner” was a simple but comprehensive line to emphasize the package and the characteristics of the product.

ZamZam Co

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