zibaloon is a full service

Marcom and Advertising Agency.

Zibaloon offers a wide variety of services to clients who are interested in creating integrated marketing, advertising and public relations.

Brand consultation

  • Brand Auditing
  • Branding, building and naming the brand campaigns.
  • Brand rebuilding campaigns.
  • Brand identity guidebooks.
  • Brand development and architecture.
  • Brand repositioning.

Special gifts design

  • Strategic planning and classification of customers for special gift ideas.
  • Identifying requirements for promotional gift designs based on brand features.
  • Creating ideas through collaboration with the best providers (suppliers) in the world


  • Offset
  • ِDigital

Environmental design

  • Investigating requirements and organizing brand presence in exhibitions.
  • Maintaining basic elements and branding methods in environmental design.
  • Brand communication strategy in environmental design.
  • Creating distinctive brand elements, with capability of integration into different branches.

Industrial and advertising film

  • Making films based on brand communication strategy.
  • Infomercials focusing on brand features.
  • Promotional teasers related to periodical campaigns.
  • Expansion in media.

Event management

  • Special events design.
  • Priority investigation and forecasting results based on brand communication management
  • Co-barnding management ( co-operation of two brands with a specific goal)
  • Organizing Commercial events and seminars
  • preparing reports and other requirements during the project
  • sampling and promotion

Advertising campaigns

  • Expanding ideas in communication media.
  • Environmental and media advertising.

Online and Digital

  • Design and implementation of user experience
  • Performing online applications
  • Design and implementation online campaigns
  • Content production for online marketing
  • Technical support and various reporting