There are few if any companies that would introduce their rejected projects along with the successful ones. The way we look at it, all projects are experiences to learn from so they all have their unique values. Our project had the potential to be one of Samsung’s best outlets but unfortunately our client did not share that view.

Samsung is a company with continuous and strong international presence in home appliances and other digital products. Yet despite the big budgets that the company allocates for advertising and marketing purposes in Iran we feel that the communicative elements of visual and copy are not based on an established agenda. There have been campaigns in the past that tried to be innovative and had good aspects; but in almost all of them we saw room for improvement. In the spring of 2013 we had the opportunity to meet the executive managers of Samsung; we put forth our concerns and questioned the shortcomings in their previous campaigns.   The issue was openly agreed with, receiving a pragmatic response which led to our first collaboration with Samsung.

Zibaloon was given the opportunity to start work on an outdoor campaign for NX cameras. The client’s brief emphasized the device’s intelligence along with its being user friendly although its appearance may not seem that way for amateurs. Our brainstorming session had great results, and we moved onto scheduling and implementation of a two-stage outdoor campaign. The copy write “Everyone can be a pro” was decided for the first phase of the campaign to highlight the capabilities of the product; and “Everyone can live the moment” was chosen for the second phase.

In the first stage we produced two visuals of pro-photographers in exotic settings. The first image is a photographer waist high in water, shooting a water-lily with great concentration. The second image is a pro-photographer in the back of a moving pickup shooting a Persian gazelle.

One other important feature of the NX camera was its capability for fast internet connection and the visuals for the second phase were to focus on that aspect. We presented the two visuals along with our other objectives which were based on the agenda of Samsung’s line of visual identity. The proposal bounced and our question regarding the advertising agenda persisted.


Task :

Market research and analysis of the competitors; creating the copy writing; Outdoor photo shoot; Campaign design according to clients chosen media.