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In 2014, after three years of silence, Hacoupian decided to launch its latest fashion catalogue. Considering the duration of company’s absence, we found it necessary to customize a set design that would flatter the new styles and designs the most, for this reputable brand in men’s clothing. The set was to emphasize simplicity, durability and enhance the clothing details as well as the minimal color blends of the brand; consequently a combination of concrete walls, high mirrors along with simple, classic furnishing pieces were picked as the primary setting for the shoot. A cat walk was also custom designed and built to add a more realistic touch to the considered motion photography, while distinguishing this project from the previous ones. Since our client wanted to introduce and inform the start of a new chapter to their customers, we decided to begin their catalogue with a white page to put further emphasis on the brand’s new approach. Show must go on.

Client :

Hacoupian company


Making an infomercial, catalog design and publishing, soundtrack composition, photo shooting, graphic design and page setting, packaging and distribution.

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