A unique manufacturer with over 20 years of experience and a unique vision, Farazin holds a reassuring position among consumers as well as competitors in the office furniture market today.  Farazin is not the first furniture company that Zibaloon has worked with but it was the first to ask us to stabilize the brand’s status, revamp their identity and create new market recognition.

Office furniture companies of Iran lack distinction and character and majority need fundamental reconsideration in advertising methods and brand management since there are many small size companies that boast to produce similar designs and quality, yet the fact shows otherwise. For that reason we believe it to be of utmost importance to build a brand through proper scientific marketing and advertising methods in order to gain distinction in the market.

Zibaloon recognized the existing potentials of Farazin. Their minimalistic design, colors as well as the high quality of their productions provided an attractive ground for our activity. Our first mission was to do research on the existing competition in the market, during which we found out some interesting facts about other company owners and managing directors. The research showed that almost all have similar education level and have creative hobbies. This revealed why majority of existing companies employed similar, routine means of advertising through familiar angels to gain market recognition. Methods that were quite exhausted and no longer proved to be effective for the amount of money invested.

Our market analysis showed that aside from using the same form of conventional advertising methods, almost all competitors of Farazin share the same marketing targets, , and stay within the same price range and to make matters worse they keep to similar design ideas. Yet the range in quality is not the same, in short none of them wished to stand out since many of them actually benefited from the created confusion in the market so let’s just say we had battles to win.

Parallel to campaign design and the market analysis we also focused on drastically changing the visual material to establish a new connection between the company and its targeted consumers. Our marketing research team put together an extensive Marketing management package that redefined and reinforced the company’s identity in all areas, from customer relations to e-advertising and even retail policies.

Our photography team along with our senior 3D designer agreed that images should carry a more immediate visual impact in an eye-catching environment therefore beside using the cutting edge photography equipment, we also decided to design and custom build special sets in zibaloon’s spacious photo studio; an expensive decision for Farazin that proved to be a perceptive one once the management viewed the outcome.

Assisting Farazin in embarking on the path to gaining new brand recognition in the market by means of well-founded and well implemented advertising and marketing strategies was a project that Zibaloon could take pride in for years to come.

Farazin Co.

Photo shooting project, designing marketing material, designing e-advertising and print formats.