Dupli Color

A German brand, Dupli Color was not satisfied with the recognition of its product, believing its potential to be above that margin.  We had a wide range of materials to deal with, all of which had their own particular target group. We looked for ways to improve the overall presentation and introduce the brands true potential and quality. Dupli color is a reputable international company, a fact that was unfortunately overlooked by previous agencies so we had to make up for the lost time. Through an intensive effort with the design team we presented a campaign of 12 visuals for the products.

Visuals are creative images that once combined with the proper copywriting, point to a unified direction with a single purpose. The products in the presented visuals were placed vertically in the central view. Bright colors were used along with variety of elements to place emphasis on the different capabilities of the products. The distinguished new visuals led to production of on line advertising, web design and promotions for select groups as well as general public.

During our future collaborations with Dupli Color we helped our client maintain a strong presence in the market. Due to continuous developments of media as well as introduction of new means of social networks, brand architecture requires constant reassessment with time. We continued working with our client to update its branding with the most recent available technology through later projects and believe that we would hear more about from this brand in the years to come.

Fouman chimie Company

Photography; Campaign Design; Web Design; specialized gift sets; improvement of brand’s visual identity; in online and printed advertising.