Introducing a new product to the market imposes its own particular challenges such as recognition of the target group, competitors, their distribution and marketing schemes plus sales data.

Dell is a ladies deodorant from Fooman-shimi group. Our scientific approach to marketing and advertising led to an extensive collaborative effort to introduce a new product to the market.

We started off with market research in order to gain better recognition of consumer behavior which would help our direction in different areas of design and copy writing. The result was very beneficial; we incorporated the package design idea which looked like a human body from front view into our visuals. Our research also showed that %57 of the women consumer’s reason for buying a deodorant is the unique and attractive package design. The design team decided to visualize the product in natural surroundings, while placing certain elements around it to emphasize the quality of human attractiveness.

After completing the main principles of the visual we moved onto design and implementation of the outdoor, press and promotional campaigns. The consumer research not only helped with our visuals but also served as an excellent source for the copy writing.

At Zibaloon we believe that the time for superficial and uncalculated designs is over and it is necessary to employ above standard global approach, replacing the personal taste and prefrence with scientific info and collected data.

Fouman chimie Company

Market Analysis, Exclusive Gifts, Campaign Design