Video (TVC)

This is where the most powerful and effective image of the brand is created in the target group’s mind. The communication speed of a brand’s top qualities as well as effectiveness of what is achieved through a professional approach to video could not be compared to any other media.

A TV commercial is considered a success when it professionally combines and employs moving images, script, light and music in order to create a strong impact and involve the viewer all the more.  Memorability is characterized as an essential factor that brings about and guarantees a unique and distinguished position for the brand.

At Zibaloon, we do our best to maintain the essential character of a brand and communicate it in the best manner to the target group through video commercials therefore close attention to products and services is a must if we want to distinguish the brand from its competitors.

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– Making films based on brand communication strategy.
– Infomercials focusing on brand features.
– Promotional teasers related to periodical campaigns.
– Expansion in media.