Special gifts design

One of the most important channels that create a connection between a brand and consumers is promotional items and gifts. A simple but effective way of winning customer loyalty, for this purpose we always help our client to allocate a suitable budget so that they could benefit from this subtle manner of advertising. It is important to note that the more purposeful and creative the design ideas mean the stronger impression on the consumer.

Brand identity plays an important part in selection, design and implementation of a package. Diversity and harmony are key factors that along with the brand’s philosophy help us in creating items that would serve as agents of the brand among consumers. Promotional gifts should not only be thought of as means of promoting sales but as intelligent ambassadors that communicate the attributes of their company.

One of the important restrictions for design and production of promo items is the allocated budget of the company. At zibaloon we have always maintained the uniqueness, high taste and quality of the items within the budget range.

Zibaloon’s unique perspective brings about new concepts into the world of branding that equals the very best in business on the global caliber. Promotional gift items play an important role in a brand’s recognition and the consumer’s emotional connection to it.

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  • Strategic planning and classification of customers for special gift ideas.
  • Identifying requirements for promotional gift designs based on brand features.
  • Creating ideas through collaboration with the best providers (suppliers) in the world