Environmental design

If you are thinking about the expansion of your retail stores or showrooms, you should bear in mind that your product’s fame as well as its position in the market is by part determined through the interior space for its presentation. Whether you operate from a single outlet or have many branches, maintaining unity throughout your spaces is a factor that should not be overlooked.

A brand’s market positioning plays an important role in the way its office or retail interior is to be designed, which is why at Zibaloon we conduct extensive study to collect the needed info so that we could further insure the most suitable, creative approach to an interior design process since we are always in pursuit of a stronger repositioning of a brand in the market.

Our persistence in considering the brand’s strong qualities and characteristics for the interior design helps incorporate the necessary elements that would best highlight the brands identity. At Zibaloon we believe this approach to be the longest lasting determinant of the brand’s distinction in any given market.

Avoiding unnecessary complications, staying with pragmatic, simple motifs could help build interiors that would be of long-term use.

Another significant factor in creating interior spaces based on branding is the material applied in the construction process; not only could the material represent the ideology and vision of a company but it could also serve as a link to unify separate,independent spaces.

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– Investigating requirements and organizing brand presence in exhibitions.

– Maintaining basic elements and branding methods in environmental design.

– Brand communication strategy in environmental design.

– Creating distinctive brand elements, with capability of integration into different branches.