Advertising campaigns

In all projects, we always search for the best answer from a unique marketing and advertising perspective; not an answer that would serve simply as a form of entertainment but an answer that acts as a visual as well as a mental stimuli in order to create a connection between the brand and the target group.

Considering the philosophy of the brand we strive to come up with creative solutions that best communicates the distinctive characteristics of a product through a consistent campaign. We constantly use different approaches to selected campaigns in order to reach the ideal stage for final execution. In this manner we work to achieve coded slogans and images that would communicate the message in the most effective manner.

We design our campaigns based on thorough strategic researches; considering each client’s unique goals and targets which serve as the base for constructing our advertising agenda at Zibaloon.

We seek to communicate a coherent, consistent scenario to the target group through all selected media. This interaction could only be successfully accomplished through proper study of the brand and the feature product.

This consequently results in a strong, unified connection between slogans and visuals which leaves a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind.

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– Expanding ideas in communication media.
– Environmental and media advertising.