Vana group without any doubt is one of the pioneers in furniture industry in Iraq. Presentation methods of this group required to be reviewed due to media development, although it has a long record in office furniture business.

Vana group with eighteen years of history approached Zibaloon with purpose of improving their Marketing style and defining their new advertising project. They requested to improve the advertising material and creating organized strategy for their presentation method. We confess that our initial aim was merely to provide them with their rational demand. However, everything has changed in an extraordinary way. Probably, you might agree that sometimes special needs create substantial changes in path. Vana with great support created the possibility of distinguishing in one of the most unique project of Zibaloon.


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Branding, Photography, Web Design, Campaign Design, Catalog Design

Vana logo has been introduced in Kurdestan and south part of Iraq with heavy investment. The main point was heavy investment. Why Vana spent such amount of money? “This fact is due to create logo without brand designing knowledge, branding strategy and also applying ordinary methods to introducing products and services which was not compatible with Vana organization” said our experts. We come out with simple solution. Differentiation strategy, distinguished of whatever audiences were associated with, was determined as Zibaloon Branding strategy. This strategy has transformed the project into one of the best project ever done by Zibaloon.

We have started with local awareness. We have studied closely geographic expansion of branches, distribution system and even storage methods. We have started the market research under Vana market which included market research, reviewing customer buying behavior along with evaluation of brand power and identifying local competitors. Iraq Kurdestan in the fast development path is a potential market for well-known international brands. Zibaloon according with this fact, considered dedicated and correspondent methods with latest branding standards based on marketing research results. We have come out with different ideas for brand introduction based on various brand cultural aspects in Vana organization. Our approached in logo designing met the organization behavior. The idea in new logo generation was accomplished with the concept of winning competition and being hero in life along with the seat icon as one of the essential products of Vana.

The founders of Vana and management board were highly satisfied with the new logo. Zibaloon has started to move forward. We manage to arrange in Vana BTL and ATL outputs whatever is required by any brands in International level with the scientific concept. The main point has been created at last process of delivery of clients’ required materials and after management of Vana written and online advertising project. In designing process of this project, special attention was given to usage of logo form in various applications. This attention created an opportunity for entering Zibaloon into new era of experience. Usage of organic format of new logo in order to design POS special items has formed the Zibaloon distinction according with targeted strategy. At the end with concentration on group experience, we have created campaign of the designed logo in audience daily life.

Vana corporate gifts were totally transformed. We have consulted for long in sections such as sampling and gift presentation, result extraordinarily matched with differentiation strategy. These were efficient gifts meanwhile coordinated with furniture industry, also special for the audience to deliver the brand differentiation. The board founder of Vana has agreed the fundamental changes of new logo that created the opportunity for substantial changes in brand philosophy, the organization mission and also upgrading brand image among the audiences.

Branding in architecture has rarely happened even for well-known brands. The client has an architecture project in Kurdestan Iraq. Zibaloon creative team has created the best result of recent years with presentation of functional roles of brand design and application of this theory into a special architecture project. According to Vana differentiation strategy and managing board belief in Zibaloon, Vana exhibition complex in developing arena of Erbil has been formed as Zibaloon first branding architecture project. It was an extraordinary opportunity for Zibaloon. This project has been named as Vana Eden. This name has harmony with various ideas in this project such as arranging 7 void areas for hallways of the 90 thousands meters project as metaphor of 7 layers of sky. We have offered a project with Vana logo design architecture that consists of 60 thousands of space for exhibition, offices, hotel, Theater and parking. A design that was Vana logo from top view and also its aesthetic was attractive. This project was beyond their expectation. Despite the fact that Vana outlets worked uncentralized and separately, they have accepted the predicted new spaces in Vana Eden project as a new mission for organization. Emad Meqdad Holding was a great offer with regard to new structure of existing firms that were in business separately by which provides consistency in business activities in Vana Eden. We have given the opportunity of consistency in group’s activities under name Emad Meqdad Holding. The amazing outcome of Vana Eden created the opportunity to distribute to other existing and developing Vana outlets. The identity integrated system of organization architecture gave the possibility to apply the Vana Eden Architecture in other projects such as smaller project of Vana Plaza with 4500 meter foundation or Vana Soleimanieh with 9000 meter.

The smaller outlets of Vana in Erbil have had the integrated system. Continues of this process for four outlets with 700 to 2000 m space in Erbil with all detail in designing Vana Eden was the main part of this branding project in architecture. The importance of this part was due to applying same principle of architecture as Vana Eden in smaller area.

Emad Meqdad investment in presenting distinguished plan gave Zibaloon the opportunity to have one of its best experiences during recent years, although we merely looked into this project as logo design. Definitely, we will continue to be proactive with application of correct policy in future.