Honestly, you may come across with few firms that talk about their failure beside their success. We believe in here, that even failure in juicy project creates valuable experiences. One of or terminated project which belongs to Samsung could be one of its best result in Iran in recent years. It seemed contrary from the esteemed client. As an advertising group we could observe the power of Samsung products in the market. We had always question in mind; why Samsung does not put on its agenda for advertising purpose that paying attention to the visual quality, relevancy and appealing between message and image is crucial even though with its massive advertising budget? However, occasionally our colleagues who have more experience rather than us, attempt to change the Samsung standard campaign, our expectation as a professional audience was not fulfilled. At the begging of year of 1392, we met the higher ranking managers of Sam Electronic. In that session they provided us with rational answer in regard to our questions. After that we had the opportunity to execute the latest NX camera Campaign.




Market Analysis, Campaign Design, Photography

The client emphasized on highlighting the intelligence of NX cameras. The next point to highlight was customer awareness of user friendly instruction for amateur photographer, even though it looks complicated. The Zibaloon think tank had amazing results. We had possibility of achieving the clients’ requests in 2 stages environmental campaigns.

The campaign main slogan had written many times. For the first phase ‘” everyone can be professional” and for second phase “everyone can be in moment” had been picked up in everyone’s concord.

We had achieved two visuals for first phase by visualizing a part of professionals’ life in photography. The first concept was about a photographer who is in deep water up to his west and concentrated on taking a photo of a beautiful flower. Next concept was visualizing a photographer at the back of a truck who is concentrated on a Gazelle.

At the end of campaign new characters enter into the stage.

One of the key features of NX camera is that can be connected to Internet. In regard to this feature, the second person has visualized in the way that emphasizes on the real time photo sharing with this camera. Even though, we managed to picture the clients’ requests along with exact standard sorting and according to latest Samsung visual identity which was brought up as red line in description session, Samsung rejected the plan and did not use designed campaign and replaced it with its previous ideology that forms the same question.

Fulfilled options:

Market research and SOWT analysis, application of the latest technique to create writing advertisement, planning outdoor photography, campaign design, distribution of campaign into desired media


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