We also know very well the Refah Bank, Sinjer Furniture etc.., but do you recall many years ago we knew all these brands differently and with varnished postfixes! It has clear cut reasons such as products development or preferment of targeted grope level that pushed the market to mention direct brand name. One of the recent rename projects is elimination of the word carpet from well-known brand Palaz. We know it for more than 40 years.


Palaz Co.


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However, development of its products such as Wallpapers and Floor laminate are the reason to transform the brand name from Palaz Carpet into Palaz. Zibaloon has proudly planned this strategic change, and then it has reborn as modern Palaz. Also, the thoughtful logo in P shape is driven from the first Latin letter of its brand name. Actually, it is a symbol of the great aims of this firm in regard with the customer needs and desire. This movement with the slogan of my beautiful world shows its group is beauty oriented.

Zibaloon has made a TV commercial for diverse audience along with designing the winter sale festival, in order to emphasis on the significance change in this brand.

Giant projects such as Hotels, Household sector as important consumer and also creation of carpet usage in operational sections as a culture, lead Zibaloon to make three trailers with direct relation to winter sale festival.


palaz Hotel  Palaz palazhotelMS

Office  Palaz palazofficeMS

Kids  Palaz palahomeMS

palaz Hotel  Palaz bad1

Office  Palaz bad3

Kids  Palaz kenarat1

palaz Hotel  Palaz khanePalazBegin

palaz Hotel  Palaz eftetah

Office  Palaz jashnvarePalaz

Behind The Scenes

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