What keeps a 40 year old organization on top?

Hacoupian, a proud name to our country with over 40 years of continuous presence in the market, is Zibaloon’s most experienced client. Their renowned name benefits from its audience high level of intelligence. We reviewed the last collection’s journal and gathered the necessary information. Once again we were faced with a new challenge. 40 years of history which had to be portrayed in a yearbook associated with a documentary film for a major network of audience. The project began with Hacoupian’s history review. The process included Survey of the market, competitors and other brands advertisement methods. Hacoupian one of Iran’s massive manufactures, not only had to prove its sufficiency but had to start its fifth decade with a revolution. Choosing the perfect title was the first step towards this goal. Once again we turned to Hacoupian’s information bank. The result: Life. No better title could treasure four valuable decades of effort and more importantly the ongoing path of power.


Hacoupian Co.


Photography, Catalog Design

A closer look at Hacoupian’s industrial capabilities

Our agenda, aside from fashion photography, included Hacoupin’s industrial capabilities. So photography, design and the order of the journal had to be different from its previous issues. Reviewing the professional basics in page layout design, consumer’s visual connection to pictures and contents were the most important factors for designing the journal. The integrated message, color, and order were precisely chosen to display the value of life and Hacoupian’s unique position and form the organization’s 40 year old movement to a journal. The final results were the latest fashion by Hacoupian and a glimpse of its industrial capabilities but to fully expand these industrial capabilities a film project was included to bring the loyal consumers closer to Hacoupian’s organization. This amazing industrial advertising film not only displayed the different machinery in production line and its management but also shared a part of Mr. Hacoupian’s professional life. Our approach was to introduce the audience to different aspects of design and production using a story line. The unique feature of the film was the exclusive sound track created to embody the production operations using sound instruments. The music was chorally performed to capture the essence of life and its connection to Hacoupian’s yearbook title.

Life, a journal of 88 pages associated by a documentary film was then sent to a huge network of Hacoupian’s consumers to give them a new perspective towards the latest design and production of Hacoupian’s 1389 autumn/winter collection. The production of the latest designs using the latest technology of major factories and the export of the best sports wear from international designer’s collections include the two very distinct activities of Hacoupian. The decision to separate the two activities for better introduction of the products created an interesting challenge for Zibaloon. Extreme precision was required for the task so once again we focused on new ideas for the project. Day and night, repetition and formation were the key words for the 2011 journal.

With our previous work as the first step, we continued the new chapter. To separate the sports line from the official line of products we focused on life and circulation of time. Hacoupian and Hacou are inseparable, the inspiration of the day and night concept. To symbolize day and night, Hacoupian and Hacou were separated by black and white in two different journals. The introduction method of world’s top brands shined with the perfect graphics through the page layout, balance of positive and negative spaces, golden spots and better movement through the information. In a completely different approach the collection was remade from previous eras of Hacoupian and sent to consumers as the journal of 1390 autumn/winter collection. The package included the two journals, black on one side white on the other wrapped with a cover band of Hacoupian’s logo.


In 2011 Hacoupian a reputable brand in men’s fashion industry, asked us for multimedia annual clothing package that was also to celebrate their 40th anniversary. The package was to include a catalogue of the latest designs, visual presentation of hi-tech facilities and production process and a DVD to further demonstrate the history and core values of the company which also needed an original sound track.


On one hand we had to organize a wide range of relatively unrelated material and present them under the same umbrella, on the other hand reflecting on 40 years of strong presence needed to be done in a way that opened possible prospects onto future so it was immediately clear that we had a big Task ahead of us.


Collaborative research showed us that the best title that could sum up the extensive activities of the company as well as their ambitions and visions toward a brighter future is, Life. The following year when a catalogue of two completely different lines of Hacou & Hacoupian needed to be designed, Life served us once more and proved to be a strong root for fruition of further creative ideas, in this case Day & Night.

Our services:

Recreating the brand based on the information analysis, documentary film, exclusive sound track, photo shoot, publishing and packing management.


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