Want to become the leading brand of the market

A unique manufacturer with a distinctive vision and a reassuring position in the market not only respected by rivals but renowned to consumers for high quality and creativity, Farazin, with over 20 years of experience in making office desks and partitions came to Zibaloon with a new purpose; Changing the brand’s status and imprinting its prospect using scientific methods, a great purpose even for us after completing numerous furniture, desk and decoration projects. It was the first time a client in furniture industry aimed to stabilize its brand. Iran’s furniture industry needed fundamental reconsideration in advertisement methods and brand management. The financers had to focus on creating the brand and transmitting visual concept to the target consumers since nameless suppliers troubled furniture manufactures with their plywood sheet products, Suppliers who built everything using limited machinery.

Farazin had the same perspective towards designing as Zibaloon. It reflected in their minimal design products which avoided strong colors and pointless curves. Repositioning Farazin started with a look at the rivals. While analyzing the existing material in the furniture market we came across some interesting information that showed most of the founding directors were highly educated and also interested in artistic activities.


Farazin Co.


Booth Design, Corporate Identity, Web Design, Catalog Design, Photography

The wrong impression

The senior directors’ personal impressions were based on relevant education and interest in advertisement methods for logo designing, the most influential factor in a company’s branding which usually ends to very routine advertising activities. The results are complete waste of money and investment and gaining the same position as other brands.

These analyses are completely visible in our country’s market; similar products in terms of appearance, advertising methods, distribution and of course similar prices which leaves the costumer with no special choice of brand. The vision behind Farazin’s branding project was far from its rival’s imagination. The combination of Farazin’s excellent product design with the latest advertising methods made the vision reachable. In parallel to campaign designing and market analysis, the required visual material were drastically changed to match the new connection of Farazin and its target consumers. To distinctively separate Farazin’s products and services from others, a unique photo shoot was performed. The distinction was recognized even before the presentation of the final marketing and advertising material. Extremely expensive set of decoration was custom made for this project and installed in the great studio of Zibaloon to capture the amazing photography. The latest “Hasselblad” camera serves as our witness to the finest marketing material we use.

Our services:

Photography campaign, redesigning marketing elements, E-advertising, catalog design, promoting the brand’s position.


A unique manufacturer with a distinctive vision, Farazin holds a reassuring position in the office furniture market today not only among consumers but also rivals. Farazin is not the first furniture company that Zibaloon has worked with but it was the first to ask us stabilize and revamp their brand identity and market recognition.


Office furniture companies of Iran lack distinction and character. According to our research they all share the same marketing targets, use the same form of conventional advertising methods, and share the same price range; to make matters worse they keep to similar design ideas. In short none of them wished to stand out so let’s just say we had battles to win.


Our marketing research team put together an extensive Marketing management package that redefined and reinforced the company in all areas, from customer relations to e-advertising and even retail policies.

Our photography team along with our senior 3D designer agreed that images should carry a more natural and immediate visual impact which meant, designing and building spaces for the furniture. An expensive decision that with time proved to have been a perceptive one for Farazin.

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