Del is a feminine spray by Fouman shimi group. We had been invited to execute introducing product campaign by Fouman Shimi as we have logical methods of marketing and advertising. We concentrated on market research and consumer behavior in order to be sure about covering detail in the campaign.

Conducting Focus Groups & Research Fileds Work

Introducing new products to market requires awareness about your target group, user behavior, market research, distribution channel, advertising media, and before all, needs to do market analysis.


Fooman Chemical Co


Market Analysis, Exclusive Gifts, Campaign Design

Zibaloon coordinated its creative team in order to achieve the best visual idea and the best slogan. The research outcome gave us the required knowledge of the market. Therefore, we started the movement. We synchronized the packaging and the visual sign which gave us unique outcome. Del packaging from front side looks like human body. This feature was the key element to design this campaign. According to our finding, %57 of female participants announced their reason to choose Del was the sense of distinction and charming. Del package combined with second finding which was charming in three environmental concepts. In this campaign we concentrated on designing of an attractive person which was a metaphor of the Del Packaging.

We had converted the rest of requirements for execution of this campaign in form of environmental advertising output. Hardcopy press and corporate gifts, after upon completion of the designing process.

Reviewing the products and targeted group, not only gave us good information in regards with buyer behavior, but also it helped us to create a good slogan for campaign.

In Zibaloon there is a belief that sketchy design is come to its end. New era based on developed countries standards in marketing and advertising is forming. Standards by which will replace the designing based on personal interest by research and market analysis.

Fulfilled tasks:

Market research, designing 360 degree campaign and corporate gifts