Stationary Design

It has been many years that marketers and brand owners pay attention to new identity for the popular products among the consumers. 1&1 ( Yek o Yek ) is one of the trendy food suppliers in Iran, which found our suggested method so rational in order to turn its customer’s attention to catch-up sauce. In initial meetings we found out that this supplier same as others attempt to use the existing boxes in the market instead of designing new boxes. All of us have seen the same packaging from different brands. The interesting point is that these boxes are using in different industries. Our question for 1&1 ( Yek o Yek ) was about their motive for using the same packaging? Answer was ease of purchasing the existing package and the efficiency of the supply. Meanwhile our reasoning was stronger.

Have you ever thought about instead of taking the market share of other brands’ customers, not only can you attract new audience with development of existing products? But also, the proper strategy would control the market with the govern power on sales process.


1&1 Here


Packaging Design

1&1 ( Yek o Yek ) entered into new phase of packaging development with this strategy. The process of designing new packaging has started. We come across with an idea about optimization of this packaging, during designing process. This idea was about ergonomic design that was user friendly, in other words, consumer have access to the entire products without waste.

Indeed, the new scheme improved with a new logo layout and form. The result was stunning, this new packaging system allowed our client to increase the production process speed, along with being attractive.

Development oriented perspective creates the opportunity to introduce new standards into users market. Hopefully, brands owners replace the old fashion copying culture of existing platforms with the culture of innovation, creativity and development of new projects as stronger strategy for their new products and services.