built a campaign based on slogan?

“Creative idea in accordance with the marketing team design”. Based on this single request the entire campaign design was built. According to the marketing team brief we looked for a new idea to introduce the latest capabilities of LG home appliances products. In the mentioned brief our main focus had to be the capacity of the LG side by side refrigerator, washing machine’s steam washer, steam wash and capacity of the dish washer. We also believed in ATL campaign designing to integrate all the elements.




Campaign Design, Photography

The integration to LG’s marketing team request had to match scientific advertising, the message and font presentation and visualization. The brief explained the mutual capability of two washing machines; steam washer. While using the mind mapping technique we noticed this capability may have no connection to the side by side refrigerator but it can serve as a slogan for portraying greatness and glory. The integrated slogan of LG’s campaign design had to rely on the mutual point of the 3 products: Steam. The primitive sentences were deleted one by one until we reached the final slogan.

Stronger than ever, bigger than ever, cleaner than ever.

To display the relation of steam to the new products we focused on key factors. Power in washing machine, cleanliness in dishwasher and bigger capacity for the refrigerator is what the LG marketing team requested.

Creative ideas based on our advertising slogan began. Unified images were formed during programming process that were not only eye-catching but also displaying the capabilities of the new products. The latest “Hasselblad” camera was used for each concept’s photography and reached the highest quality for illustrating the post production process.


In 2011, LG, one of the leading brands of household appliances in Iran decided to organize an outdoor campaign to introduce a new line of dishwashers and washing machines that benefited from steam cleaning option along with their new side by side fridge that was their largest in size ever.


An outdoor campaign was needed to display the new capabilities and advantages of all three appliances, highlighting their unique new features while presenting them under the same umbrella (ad campaign).


Visual and textual impacts were of equally great importance here therefore our creative team quickly got started to establish a unified message along with images which could communicate the single main attribute that differentiated each product from its predecessors while establishing a common thread connecting the three. This effort led to the highly communicative campaign, Bigger than ever; stronger than ever; cleaner than ever.


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