Copy Writing & Outdoor Advertising

Sport is one of the biggest industries around the world. The sport suppliers employ the latest technology every year in order to introduce the best. ZamZam is one of the well-known suppliers of the carbonated drinks in Iran. It has requested a new project from Zibaloon with concentration on new production line of sport drinks with goal of attracting new groups of consumers.


ZamZam Co


Campaign Design, Photography, Catalog Design

Zibaloon project was Introduction of isotonic drinks which restore the minerals that body has lost during exercise. We got suggestion of environmental advertising in order to introduce this product. The designed campaign was directly connected with target group. The core idea of this project was application of colors to show various flavors along with sports inspired. The main campaign slogan was be winner which was simply sorted out in order to highlight the main goal which was ZamZam isotonic drink packaging.

Fulfilled Tasks :

Campaign design, designing and photographic of related catalogs