Tatilat Royaee

video clip & marketing material

Traveling on special class and even higher than the experienced standard is a goal that Dream Holidays travel agency follows every day. Cooperation of Tatilat Royaee agency and Zibaloon, created many outcomes in regard with branding goals. In the beginning honeymoon package had introduced to the market for marketing team of this agency by Zibaloon. We had promoted the quality of the considered material with concentration on the relationship between this travel agency and members of Havadaran Club. Also, we had improved the audience perceptions towards Tatilat Royaee agency with covering the suggested various outputs.


Tatilat Royaee Agency


Logo Design, TVC, Corporate Identity

Fulfilled tasks

Modifying the color and sequence of logo, adding new elements to foundation graphic, designing online portable, redesigning stationary, designing grilled line for hardcopy advertising and required factors n marketing, making commercial movie and covering the annual events during members meeting.


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