“in similar products can concentrate on the specific features of them” said marketer. Macaroni and Passta are the valuable items in our daily food basket. For us to display Samira Macaroni as different from the rest in its advertising, we have concenterated on its competition advantage in usage of Durum wheat and created the Tv and radio commercial, environmental, media and writing marketing materials.


Samira Co.


Campaign Design, Packaging Design, Catalog Design, TVC, Photography

Durum is a type of red wheat that grows in fall season and it is expensive products as a reason why it dose not cultivated in wide rang in Iran. The nutritional properties of this type of wheat is superior to other species. The special features of Durum wheat is heighr level of protein, minerals and vitamins compare to others and also beta-caroten natural pigmentation which is a combination of anti-oxidan and anti-cancer.

We in process of intra- group meeting have concentrated on this distinctive feature USP Durum wheat in order to reintroduce Samira’s products as a brand with history but low profile in media. The idea was to select this pasta among all existing type of pasta. In teasers there is a person who chose it among precipitation of pastas. It was in slow motion shooting which was more tangible for the audience. Advertising master visual campaign was designed with photography of the models in the teaser environment. Durum wheat slogan has created a new path for this brand among the pasta and macaroni competitors. The path that will expand the marketing capability of Samira with consistency in tracking and desing continuous campaign.


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