Sahlan has a short experience with Zibaloon. We had faced with a unique project with its different style and requirement for new suggestion from its manager side.

Zibaloon has managed various outputs in office and home furniture and interior design industry. The main reason that why we were active in this industry might drive from our interest in architecture and interior design. On the other hand our elegant studio is one of our motives to serve the furniture industry and its subgroups. Whatever it is, it is many years that we work hand in hand with this industry and gain valuable experience to manage different project.


Sahlan Co.


Branding, Web Design, Catalog Design

We required new solution in order to organize the marketing and advertising material. Our first suggestion was to redesign its logo. This offer was rejected. Therefore, our design strategy has been modified based on our client’s interest. We have created harmony between Persian and English typing phase of its logo by adding a connector to the logo. A red square as a background gripped Sahlan bilingual texts. We managed to maintain the original logo by this method, whereas it has created a new phase of standardization of direction. Different elements of marketing and advertising become practical in its initial phase with introduction of new grad line. In fact, the connector is a new perception towards cubic that zibaloon designers applied into new brand identity. While, Sahlan products are out of wood, our justification sounds rational. The square connector as an animation factor was applied in different commercial movies, also as a complementary elements was used in corporate internal graphic. We assist Sahlan to introduce its brand in different way with this tiny modification.


logo Sahlan Sahlan sahlanlogoMS

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