Can a product be cultural,modern and efficient at the same time?

Creation in every day’s life is an industrial designer’s mission. Our surroundings become more and more unique and efficient due to the developments of industrial design. Whether designing a completely new product or making adjustments, creating efficiency or improving an existing method is everything a designer focuses on. Pooteh is one of the importers of kitchen appliances. Pooteh came to Zibaloon with a request for an exclusive pot and kettle design along with their new product’s introduction and the improvement of its efficiency. The request made the 5 months project an interesting experience. What made it interesting; the design had to preserve modern elements in accordance with ethnical culture from different regions of Iran. Drinking tea is one of the oldest traditions of Iran. For that reason different kinds of pots and kettles are available in the market.

To introduce the new product we first reviewed the best designs of the leading manufactures in the world. We collected points and weaknesses and so our brainstorming group began their work. We were seeking a unique new design with world standard qualities. From Zibaloon’s minimalist perspective the mentioned factors depended on ergonomic form, stability, symmetry and visual aesthetics.


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Extraordinary ideas for the new product design

To reach the perfect result we focused on one of our brainstorming ideas; Designing the product based on organic features of the logo. Pooteh’s logo is driven from face of a lion. To create the new design we worked on the visual resemblances of the logo with the handhold’s shape. We controlled the exterior and the interior angles and coordinated the overall form to the Pooteh logo. The results were very satisfying. With approval the foam prototype was created; an exquisite form in accordance with our designs. After the last adjustments on the 3D model, Estetica pot and kettle entered mass production. A unique and efficient product with a completely new and exclusive form was introduced to Iranians.


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Pooteh, has been known as a kitchenware importer. In 2010 the company decided to invest in creating their own brand and the first product that was to be introduced to the market was a kettle and a matching teapot. They came to our agency for design and implementation of their goal.


Tea could very well be called the national drink of Iran; as a result there is a wide range of kettles and pots available in the market making this creative endeavor an exciting one to tackle.


Studying the top selling samples in the market from different viewpoints and a few rough sketches made us realize that the actual logo of the company which is a lion head could serve as preliminary source for creative process. The result was a minimalistic, chic and ergonomic design which was also cost efficient.