Persian Gulf

Can a logo portray greatness?

For years integrating all the visual requirements of a logo based on standards has become the most important factor in logo design; another principle which has been overlooked by clients. Persian Gulf, the selective name of Setareh group had to represent a distinguished shopping center. The massive building in Shiraz is one of the country’s most standard structures.


Persian Golf


Branding, Web Design, Catalog Design

The inspiration

What shed the light on the modern approach of logo designing and its elements were the top brands of the world were to start business in the center. From the plan view the Persian Gulf structure has a rectangular shape. Using the rectangular shape and the waves of the gulf as our inspiration, we reached the final logo design. The corners were curved to make the logo more noticeable. The logo is actually part of the Persian Gulf’s waves in a frame.

The solution: Integrated marketing management

With the logo being designed, generalization of other elements began. Undergoing a coordinated project, the marketing management package of Persian Gulf was transformed to the required elements. Integration of elements and fulfilling all the advertising needs were the key points of the project.


As a part of Setareh holding company, Persian Gulf commercial complex is a prestigious shopping centre and a five star hotel located in the city of Shiraz. They came to our advertising agency looking for a logo design, an integrated marketing management package and promotional products of the hotel.


Logo is the flag of a company; a good one defines the company by determining the character of the brand. Things a get more complicated when functionality is also a factor.


The name, Persian Gulf carried enough weight to serve us as the source of inspiration for the logo. Our design team narrowed down the concept to two elements, waves and structure. The rectangular format of Persian Gulf helped finalize the idea that was both eye catching on paper and proved to be very pragmatic in 3D for the promotional and marketing package purposes.


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