How to earn first place?

Promoting Hamshahri’s position in 10 elected provinces was a different project to Zibaloon. Readers felt more intimate with small-town news so nationwide newspapers were second choice to local newspapers. Buying behavior, distance between its publication and distribution, how other newspapers were published and distributed and when they were bought are just a few of the 27 factors we focused on. Tehran’s highest circulation of this newspaper was put to test in the elected provinces and 5 other main cities. The results were interesting.




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The campaign of capabilities

Zibaloon believed in its client’s ability in publishing, unique design and perspective in contents, not to forget the brand’s value, consumer’s trust and loyalty. The campaign was formed based on the mentioned factors and Hamshahri’s unique and powerful system of country’s requirement pages. The right funding in parallel with media creation and management were our main goals. To reach success the information was code and analyzed. Two views were provided by the analysis. The first view included provincial priority ranking based on market penetration and the second, a scientific perspective towards these results formed the distinctive presentation of Hamshahri’s slogan for advertising campaign.
Based on a completely new approach the intended fund was dedicated to 4 different activities to cover a wider range of audience. Creating new media, among these activities, included our most influential proposals; a more intimate connection with a younger range of target consumers.

Our services:

Analyzing competitors and consumers’ behavior, media funding and management, out door and press ad campaign design, radio advertising, designing POP and POS materials.


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