Creative Visuals

Dupli-color is a German well-known brand. We come across with this brand when its main weakness was poor introduction of the great feature for its various products. We had so many products to introduce. Naturally, each and every product has its own target group. We had look into different methods in order to find unique technique to approach their target group. A system that was exceptional while shows standards of designing. The aforementioned brand was an international brand that unfortunately our respectful competitors neglected this characteristic. Therefore, our responsibility was more sensitive compare to others. After many consultations with Zibaloon innovation team, we managed to come out with the best possible concept in order to introduce Dupli-color products with 12 equal visuals.

Visual is a creative image of specific product that with the combination of the advertising slogan creates special strategy that provides the opportunity of attending differently in various Medias.


Fooman Chemical Co


Exclusive Gifts, Campaign Design, Web Design, Photography

Dupli-color The designed visuals were participated in showing one simple event in the center of vertical symmetries. The core concept of these designs was the clear color in combination of unique idea of application with special features. We approached this brand differently, for illustration we distinguished the brand with the possibility of idea extension to other required materials such as online advertising, website and special corporate gifts.

In continuous of cooperation with Dupli-color, we managed to upgrade the other materials in regard to demonstrate the new brand positioning. It should be noted that the architecture of this brand needs to be reviewed with time passing. The Medias are developing. Therefore, crown brands keep advancing their materials with technology changes. Dupli-color with intention of updating its brand positioning had obtained different project from Zibaloon. We ensure you that we will hear more about this brand in future with application of new strategies.

Fulfilled tasks

Photography, campaign design based on equal visualization, website designing, corporate gifts, upgrading the visual identity with extension of online and written advertising material