School Identity

One of the unique characteristic of advertising industry is to serve differently in various projects. Although, the performance process of advertising has been standardized, the spirit and distinction among audience is the key point that makes the advertising more interesting rather than other industries. Zibaloon encountered with cultural project as we accepted The Deutsch Schule ( DBST ) project. DBST operates in Iran about 100 years, which we have to bring it up to the school students’ attention. We had researched the school environment to be more effective. Different school level such as kinder garden up t0 high school had been controlled from the facility, principle, and internal and external space perspective. After gaining knowledge about entire DBST school, we had created a friendly connection between students and our team members.




Web Design, Branding, Photography

Our outcome might highlight the students’ pride of their unique study environment after graduation. We had formed the visual identity of school along with its corporate identity graphic. Thereupon, we had successfully made a school movie as “Future starts here”, with coverage of all events inside the school. We have upgraded the school website to modern one with application of all designed and produced material. The new website has been equipped with the parental panel that allows parents to have an eye on their children’s education life that none of the students would notice.

We should mention that the creation of the interest and glory is a persistence process. Zibaloon with creation of the aforementioned structure in this project creates the possibility for the German school to keep going based on the designed platform.

Fulfilled options:

Visual identity designing, website designing, school commercial movie, upgrading the foundation graphic, providing pictures and films from internal events of school