Burj Fars

How a corporate identity changes everything?

Burj Fars – Everyone enjoys staying at five star hotels but have you ever noticed the packing of different items in your room, brochures and notes have been visually designed in coordination? Unified perception towards the surroundings of your stay forms the integrated graphic system of a hotel. It represents the foundation of management which is usually forsaken. Logo design and editing guidelines are the first step of advertisement no matter what field you’re in. Visual order is formed based on visual identity package; a constitution which holds the correct formula of designing with concrete examples.


Burj Fars


Branding, Catalog Design, Web Design

Reaching new heights Reaching new heights

As a part of Persian Gulf project, Fars tower will be transformed to a world standard five start hotel. We created the virtual identity package to generalize the unique appearance of the hotel to the visual elements. The scientific guideline of administrative and operational necessities of the hotel is presented beautifully today for the needs of tomorrow.


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