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Do the Today top brands have any special points in addition to their systematic budget and developed marketing, public relation and advertising? Does have any name the opportunity to become a brand? The main point comes to consideration if the assumption of spending heavy budget transforms a name to a brand.


The brands that have created based on research have special features such as fast transferring, recalling, and remembering and even are more reliable in combination of many other positive points. Bene Project gave us an opportunity to propose special name based on intellectual structure.

The respective client approached Zibaloon with two different names as Vishka or Vishta. Our consultant rejected both name because these two does not possess audio harmony, it was difficult in spelling and etc. the main reason was irrelevancy of these two to restaurant industry. We believed that Vishca was suitable for a Gilak restaurant.


Bene Co


Branding, Material Design

We have started the Brand proposal project. We have noticed in their menu there is a local drink that is flavored with special leaves. We found out the relation between this leave and the restaurant name. Bene was a short name and melodious which was never heard and could be register among other aggregate registration demands. On the other hand, relevant meaning made this choice superb. Bene is a tree in Ardabil that its leaves can be used as a flavor in this local drink. Also, other product that makes this tree popular among Iranian is Saghez. Zibaloon’s brand designing team applied the latest method in brand designing which differed from restaurant that concentrated merely on local Menu. Outcome was astounding. Bene was developed quickly, and now after just a short period of time it finds its place among customers. Vishka or Vishta restaurant could be in different direction if the respective client does not believe in proper consultation. Other reason to choose this name is this word has meaning in Italian and most of the languages know the meaning. The client has gone through rapid growth with selection of this name; also it provides the opportunity for its presence in international market.

Fulfilled tasks:

Proposed Name, Brand designing, design of brands elements, production of required material, designing and manufacturing panel