Direct mail campaign A-Z

Hacoupian, a proud name to our country with over 40 years of continuous presence in the market, is Zibaloon’s most experienced client. Their renowned name benefits from its audience high level of intelligence.



Research leading to 360 integrated campaign

Promoting Hamshahri’s position in 10 elected provinces was a different project to Zibaloon. Readers felt more intimate with small-town news so nationwide newspapers were second choice to local newspapers.

Burj Fars

Burj Fars

Corporate identiy

As a part of Persian Gulf project, Fars tower will be transformed to a world standard five start hotel. We created the virtual identity package to generalize the unique appearance of the hotel to the visual elements.



campaign creative design

“Creative idea in accordance with the marketing team design”. Based on this single request the entire campaign design was built.



To TVC creation face lift

We also know very well the Refah Bank, Sinjer Furniture etc.., but do you recall many years ago we knew all these brands differently and with varnished postfixes!



Web design & seo project

Zibaloon has managed various outputs in office and home furniture and interior design industry. The main reason that why we were active in this industry might drive from our interest in architecture and interior design.

Gold Kids

Gold kids

CSR campaign
Germany school

DBST(German School)

School identity

Our outcome might highlight the students’ pride of their unique study environment after graduation. We had formed the visual identity of school along with its corporate identity graphic.



Online advertising

Certainly there are many answers but Italfoam’s definition of furniture is the coordinator of other elements of a place. Comfort and leisure are common definitions of a good furniture but our client believes in something more.


Ambient behind the scene campaign

The client emphasized on highlighting the intelligence of NX cameras. The next point to highlight was customer awareness of user friendly instruction for amateur photographer, even though it looks complicated.


Pop & pos material design

Vana group without any doubt is one of the pioneers in furniture industry in Iraq.Vana group with eighteen years of history approached Zibaloon with purpose of improving their Marketing style and defining their new advertising project.

Tatilat Royaee

Video clip & marketing material

Traveling on special class and even higher than the experienced standard is a goal that Dream Holidays travel agency follows every day.


Industrial product design

Creation in every day’s life is an industrial designer’s mission. Our surroundings become more and more unique and efficient due to the developments of industrial design.

Persian Gulf

Logo design baranding needs

For years integrating all the visual requirements of a logo based on standards has become the most important factor in logo design; another principle which has been overlooked by clients.


Product repositioning , Packaging designing

A well-known, trusted name came to Zibaloon with a new challenge; a completely unique packing for saffron.


OOH & press campaign

Garm Iran

Brand repositioning

Dupli Color

Creative visuals

Dupli-color is a German well-known brand. We come across with this brand when its main weakness was poor introduction of the great feature for its various products.

Zam Zam

Copy writing & outdoor advertising

Sport is one of the biggest industries around the world. The sport suppliers employ the latest technology every year in order to introduce the best.


TVC , Photography, Graphic , Packaging design

“in similar products can concentrate on the specific features of them” said marketer. Macaroni and Passta are the valuable items in our daily food basket.


Stationary design , Packaging designing

It has been many years that marketers and brand owners pay attention to new identity for the popular products among the consumers.


Advertising , Graphic , Logo design , Signage design

The brands that have created based on research have special features such as fast transferring, recalling, and remembering and even are more reliable in combination of many other positive points.


Logo design , Packaging design


Exhibition stand desin

Farazin had the same perspective towards designing as Zibaloon. It reflected in their minimal design products which avoided strong colors and pointless curves.


Packaging designing

Del is a feminine spray by Fouman shimi group. We had been invited to execute introducing product campaign by Fouman Shimi as we have logical methods of marketing and advertising.