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Zibaloon brand philosophy

The first letter, the first and last letter, towards life movement. These meaning are the main direction in logo designing. The last English letter is a beginning for Zibaloon. Zibaloon logo must highlight exclusive characteristic. The characteristics that in addition to compliance with expressed desired logo, shows the new branding standards. It has been formed as simple and beautiful as possible. A circle that encompasses the Z letter is chosen as a symbol of movement and metaphor for being universal. All the points have been accurately taken into consideration. The features that make a brand memorable were the key direction. Other features of logo were being readable in any size. This crucial option was the point that most of the worldwide leading brands have neglected. Color of Zibaloon logo is inspired by the color of day and night. With aim of being universal and in move instead of inertia we attempt to introduce a simple while compelling logo. This idea is brought into reality with assistance of Khashayar Sabeti, our experienced colleague.

Z is the last alphabetic letter; Zibaloon believes that they are the one who puts an end. This philosophy is in a direction with the meaning of Zibaloon which is beautiful house. We applied the beauty engineering into projects, team work, internal space and the most on our ideology.

Beautiful house is a metaphor for illustration of a beautiful mind in regard to promote aesthetic, the philosophy that we will base our concepts.


International Alooni Association has believed that there is need of investment in research and development departments, due to its wide business nature. Alooni design center has established as one of Alooni subgroups in April 2006 with concentration on product design, different method of positioning.

This Association had changed its policy and strategy in 2008, after that the Alumni design center had the opportunity to establish its own agency under Zibaloon brand.

Zibaloon marketing relation agency has introduced new business approaches with adding branding and marketing departments into the main concentration of group means industrial design in November 2008. Zibaloon managed to go through rapid growth due to cooperation with Alooni Association. Undeniable fact was our distinctive movement along with Alooni Association. We had many internal and external astounding experiences; however none of these projects could be replaced with Alooni group. Zibaloon would continuous its movement towards development.

We are moving more determined and organized after 8 years of establishment. Zibaloon various departments are more coordinated in order to be successful to fulfill our clients’ desire. Our activities are in different fields such as marketing expert advice, branding strategic solutions, designing commercial campaign, Media’s budget allocation, offering the latest technology in public relation, marketing and advertising.

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Zibaloon ample studio

Zibaloon ample studio is one of the distinctive options. Zibaloon have gathered the latest equipments, film production and photography hardwires in order to accomplish the tough and long projects. At the beginning strategic planning was scheduled to highlight the audience perceptions towards products. Next step is to create the massive mock-up in order to implement the opportunity to create distinctive and standard pictures based on the latest methods of products introduction. Directing is scheduled according to the determined objectives of project management department in this studio.

Fortunately, we managed to do imaging and positioning of Zibaloons clients brand among their targeted group. Zibaloon are distinguished from our competitors with the products of this studio. Different preference from the norms and convention in form of presentation of marketing and advertising packages in Iran, beside usage of high quality images structures the branding method promotion in Zibaloons style. This unique perception attracts potential customers for our respective clients in form of powerful Media.

Full service advertising agency

A family of the best experts has gathered in Zibaloon to make the highest standards possible,a unique team ready for massive advertising challenges.

Brand management

 Designing corporate identity

Logo standardizing and generalizing the required designs

 Integrated visual identity

Industrial design

Product and packing design

Promotional gifts design

Trade show design

Graphic Design

Design and organization of the required elements

Digital Media

 Product and packing design

 Promotional gifts design

 Trade show design


Campaign design based on the latest marketing strategies

Press and outdoor ads

At the 32nd annual Adelaide Advertising & Design Club Awards held in 2009, 5 Design Club Awards held in 2009 corporate identities were

Advertising clients

We believe the client is part of our team. We areprivileged to offer our consultation and companionship.

Domestic Advertising Clients

Palaz Moquette
Nayeb Restaurant
Cenan Industrial Bread
Office & Home Furniture
Do Ghooch Tea
Home and Office Furniture
Roka Restaurant

Nilper Office Furniture
Live Office Furniture
Gazor Wood Work Industries INC
Marcopolo Voyages Co.
Office Furniture
Garmaye Jonoob Home Appliances
Kesht – Sanat Co
Mammut Systems

Hacoupian Clothing Industries INC
1&1 Food Industries
Zarin Iran Porcelian Industries
Payam Hamshahri
Oso Industrial Group
Fouman Chimie
Spaghetti Samira

Golestan Food Industries
Zam Zam
Persian Sanat
Daya Teb Group
Farazin Office Partition
Bank Day

International Advertising Clients

Deutsche Botschaftsschule
Reve Blanc Bed Products
Saeco International Group

United Nations Funds Population
LG Home Appliances

Silver Beauty Products
Dupli-color Company

Alooni Home Appliances
Haier Home Appliances